Cable Trays - Cable support and management system

Founded in 2006, YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. has many years of experience of producing and selling FRP cable tray, epoxy cable tray, stainless steel cable tray, aluminum cable tray, etc. We choose quality materials such as FRP, epoxy resin, steel, aluminum alloy to produce cable trays. All these materials have anti-corrosion, heat dispersion, heavy bear properties widely used to support light, medium and heavy cables.

Epoxy resin, stainless steel perforated, large span and wire mesh cable trays

What we produce

According to material

  • FRP cable tray.
  • Epoxy resin cable tray.
  • Stainless steel cable tray.
  • Aluminum alloy cable tray.

According to pattern

  • Channel cable tray.
  • Perforated cable tray.
  • Ladder cable tray.
  • Large span cable tray.
  • Wire mesh cable tray.
  • Combined cable tray.

Advantages of cable trays

Green ladder-type epoxy resin cable tray, stainless steel cable tray and channel cable trays

Three kinds of cable trays have different materials and structures for laying cables

  • Various structures. Our cable trays have different structures such as ladder, channel, perforated, wire mesh types. They are applied for special environment for different purpose.
  • Using high quality materials. Our cable trays are made of quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, FRP, epoxy resin.
  • Excellent durability. Our cable trays can be used for years owing to resist corrosion, rust, heat dispersion, UV rays and moisture.
  • Easy installment. A complete cable tray system is composed of several sections such as straight section, horizontal bend, tee, horizontal cross, reducer connected to holders, base, corbels and screws.

How to choose the right cable trays

Cable trays are available in different kinds of materials and various structures. These cable trays are used in different places due to different materials and different structure. Here are some suggestions for you to make choices.

  • If you lay computer cables or places where there is complex machinery, then wire mesh cable trays, channel cable trays with covers are better choice, because wire mesh cable trays have good ventilation property, and channel cable trays with covers protect computer cables from water, moisture.
  • If you lay ordinary controlling cables, low voltage cables or cables with large diameter, ladder cable trays and large span cable trays are a recommended choice for they have even supporting force.
  • Perforated cable trays with covers are suitable for supporting high voltage (ranging from 1.5kv - 35kv) cables such as power cables, controlling cables in power plants or places where corrosion-resistant properties are greatly demanded.
  • Stainless steel, FRP, aluminum cable trays with pre-galvanized, electro-galvanized surface can resist corrosion, which are widely used in high corrosive, moist places.
Hot Products

FRP cable tray is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic which has corrosion resistance, heat-dispersion properties used to support cables lines.

Epoxy resin cable trays not only have sturdy structure, but also have high corrosion resistant, flame retarded properties to withstand cables.

Stainless steel cable trays have anti-corrosion, heat-resistant properties for laying cables in oil , gas, petroleum, tunnels and other industries.

Aluminum alloy cable trays are made of aluminum. They are lighter and resist corrosion widely used in power plant, petroleum industries for laying cables.

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