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YuanBo - Specialized in Producing Cable Trays

Company profile
Established in 2006, YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in producing and selling cable trays. We are professional producers engaged in supplying different cable trays based on the patterns and materials such as FRP cable trays, stainless steel cable trays, perforated cable trays, wire mesh cable trays, channel cable trays, etc. Due to the experience in this field, we are sure that we can provide you with the ideal ones according to your suitable applications.

Our advantages
We bring in advanced technology, machines and superb management to produce cable trays. Due to this point, we are able to produce various cable trays with premium materials and versatile patterns. Moreover, compared with other companies, the price of our products is reasonable and they can be produced in a very short time. In addition, the after-sale service is superb so that it helps us survive and develop in the field for a long time.

Our mission
Upholding the philosophy of "Scientific development, People-oriented", we are determined to lead our team move ahead and build China's most competitive and the world's leading cable tray supplier.

Eight main cable trays including FRP, epoxy channel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, perforated, ladder, large span and wire mesh cable trays