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Epoxy Resin Ladder, Channel, Large Span, Perforated Cable Tray

Made from epoxy resin material, epoxy resin cable trays are suitable choices for highly corrosive environment. According to the structure, epoxy resin cable trays can be classified into channel type, ladder type, perforated type, large span cable type. Epoxy resin cable trays have highly corrosion resistance, fire retardant and strong anti-aging properties widely used in industry plants.

Channel type green epoxy resin cable tray with a cover on top and holes on both rails to ventilate the air

Green epoxy resin cable tray has better anti-corrosive surface used in harsh outer environment

Several green ladder type epoxy resin composite cable trays are piled together in order

Ladder type epoxy resin composite cable trays have good ventilation for laying cables in outer environment


  • Epoxy resin cable trays have sturdy structure to lay cables.
  • Epoxy resin material has good non-corrosive, flame retarded property.
  • Withstand strong wind, rain, ice and adapt to harsh natural environment.
  • Electrically non-conductive.
  • Resist insect damage.
  • Never fade and corrode.
  • Low water absorption.
  • Can be easily cut into ideal length.
  • Epoxy resin cable trays can be installed vertically and horizontally.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long life expectancy with over thirty years.


  • Material: epoxy resin material.
  • Epoxy resin thickness: 1.5mm - 2.0mm.
  • Length: 2000mm - 6000mm.
  • Width: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm.
  • Depth of rail: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm.
  • Structure: ladder type, perforated type, channel type, large span type.

Epoxy resin cable trays are widely used in oil refining, chemical, textile, mechanical, metallurgic, power, TV and broadcasting industries as well as underground facilities, etc.

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