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FRP Cable Tray - Channel, Perforated, Ladder Style

FRP cable tray is a shortened form of fiberglass reinforced plastic cable tray. It is also called GRP cable tray (glass reinforced plastic cable tray). FRP cable tray is formed through fiberglass pultrusion and continuous mechanized production process. According to the shape, FRP cable trays can be sorted into ladder type cable trays, channel type cable trays, perforated cable trays and large span cable trays. FRP cable trays are lighter than common steel cable trays. They have good corrosion-resistant and fire retardant properties so that they are mainly used to support insulated electric cables for power distribution in chemical industries, communications industries, oil and gas industries, metallurgy industries, etc.

A green channel type FRP cable tray with a cover

FRP channel type cable tray has I-beam rails and the cover is used to protect cable from falling objects, dust and water

A FRP ladder cable tray with cover on top and holes on the both I-beam rails

The corrosion-resistant FRP cable tray is suitable for supporting cables in harsh outer environment


  • Corrosion resistant. FRP material has good corrosion resistant property and makes it desirable for severely corrosive environment.
  • Resistant to UV, electricity, salt water and chemicals.
  • Endure high temperature and fast disperse heat.
  • High strength and rigidity. FRP cable trays are strong enough to withstand high load bearing capacity of cables.
  • FRP cable trays with covers protect cables from falling objects, dust and water.
  • Dimensional stability without shrinking and swelling.
  • Lighter and easier to work. FRP cable trays are 40% lighter than stainless steel cable trays. They are easily cut and installed with fasteners.
  • Versatile structure. FRP cable trays have versatile structures such as ladder type cable trays, channel cable trays, perforated cable trays, large span cable trays.
  • Available in many colors such as green, red, gray, etc.
  • Long service life than traditional building materials.
  • Low maintenance.
FRP Cable Tray Specification
Material fiberglass reinforced plastic/FRP or glass reinforced plastic/GRP
FRP Cable Tray Dimension (mm) Cross Section Area/cm2 Weight (kg/m)
Width Height Thickness
FCT01 100 50 3 6.32 1.169
FCT02 100 100 4 12.18 2.253
FCT03 150 100 4 14.18 2.581
FCT04 150 150 5 22.50 4.163
FCT05 200 100 4 16.18 2.993
FCT06 200 150 5 25.00 4.625
FCT07 200 200 6 35.78 6.619
FCT08 300 100 4 20.18 3.733
FCT09 300 150 5 30.00 5.550
FCT10 300 200 6 41.78 7.729
FCT11 400 100 4 24.18 4.473
FCT12 400 150 5 35.00 6.475
FCT13 400 200 6 47.78 8.839
FCT14 500 100 4 28.18 5.213
FCT15 500 150 5 40.00 7.400
FCT16 500 200 6 53.78 9.949
FCT17 600 100 4 32.18 5.953
FCT18 600 150 5 45.00 8.825
FCT19 600 200 6 59.78 11.059
FCT20 800 100 4 40.18 7.433
FCT21 800 150 5 55.00 10.175
FCT22 800 200 6 71.78 13.279
Color Grey, blue, yellow, red, other customized colors
Packing Plywood pallet with plastic wrapped for packing
Gray GRP ladder cable trays are used to support cables on offshore platform

The GRP cable trays are corrosion-resistant and strong enough to support cables in outer offshore platform

Pultrusion process
During the pultrusion process, the raw materials are pulled through a heated steel forming die using a continuous pulling device by pultrusion technology.

A complete FRP cable tray is composed of straight run, horizontal bend, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, straight reducer, left reducer, right reducer, vertical outside bend, vertical inside bend connected with splice plates, clamps, brackets, etc.

FRP cable trays are usually installed on the inside or outside wall of computer server room, chemical and purification plants, oil and gas industries, communication company to support computer cables, controlling cables.

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