Cable Tray Product List

FRP cable tray is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic which has corrosion resistance, heat-dispersion properties used to support cables lines.

Epoxy resin cable trays not only have sturdy structure, but also have high corrosion resistant, flame retarded properties to withstand cables.

Stainless steel cable trays have anti-corrosion, heat-resistant properties for laying cables in oil , gas, petroleum, tunnels and other industries.

Aluminum alloy cable trays are made of aluminum. They are lighter and resist corrosion widely used in power plant, petroleum industries for laying cables.

Channel cable trays are fully enclosed to protect cables from dust, water and falling objects used in petroleum, gas, oil, chemical industries.

Perforated cable trays made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, FRP have sturdy structure and the holes help ventilate the cables.

Ladder cable trays is composed by joining longitude channels with horizontal supporting rungs. They have good ventilation for laying cables.

Large span cable trays provide solutions to withstanding heavy duty cables for indoor and outdoor industry factory due to heavy loading capacity.

Wire mesh cable trays made of stainless steel and carbon steel wires help ventilate the air. They are good choice for communication data lines .

Combined cable trays are formed with different kinds of cable trays such as ladder, channel and perforated cable trays used to support cables.