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Wire Mesh Cable Tray - Quick Installation with Accessories

Wire mesh cable tray, also called basket cable tray, is a kind of cable tray made of stainless steel wires by welding wires together, forming a basket-like mesh. Wire mesh cable trays provide a quick solution to supporting large quantities of cables in data centers, network equipment rooms and places where there is complex machinery.

A stainless steel wire mesh cable tray with 50mm× 100mm mesh size

50mm high × 400mm wide stainless steel wire mesh cable tray ideal for supporting interior cables

A piece of stainless steel basket cable tray with two clips connected on both rails

200mm wide × 500mm long stainless steel basket cable tray with 50mm × 100mm mesh size


  • Wire mesh cable trays have high strength to support large quantities of network cables.
  • Resist corrosion, heat because of pre-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, powder coated surface treatment.
  • Open design makes cables move, ventilate smoothly, decreasing collection of debris, dust.
  • Can be cut and formed to create smooth curved transitions around obstacles.
  • Available in many sizes depending on different uses.
  • No sharp edges and prevent injures and damage to cables.
  • Easy and fast installation with accessories.


  • Material: stainless steel 304/316 wire, carbon steel wire.
  • Finish: hot-dipped galvanized, electrolytic polishing, plastic-sprayed, powder coated.
  • Wire diameter: 4.0mm - 6.0mm.
  • Hole size: 50mm × 50mm, 50mm × 100mm.
  • Length: 250mm - 3000mm.
  • Width: 50mm - 600mm.
  • Height: 30mm - 200mm.
  • Loading capacity: 50 - 1000kg.
  • Welding strength: broken force over 1166N.
  • Accessories: bend, risers, T-junctions, reducers, clips, holder, corbel, base.
A sketch map of a holder that stabilizes wire mesh cable tray. The holder can be fixed on the wall

The holder has good supporting force and can be fixed on the wall to support cables

A L-type holder is fixed on the wall to support the basket cable trays

L-type holders can be connected with basket cable trays with screws for supporting cables

Wire mesh cable trays are used for supporting data cables, network cables, telecommunication cables both in interior and exterior environment.

A T-junction wire mesh cable tray carries several blue, yellow and brown cables in three directions

Wire mesh cable has T-junction section for supporting cables in different ways

Yellow powder coated basket cable trays are installed on the roof in interior computer server room

Yellow powder coated basket cable trays are suitable for carrying cables in interior computer server room

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